The year is nearly over, and the garden still looks good

But remember, just like us, the garden needs some food

Now is a good time to spread some fish blood and bone meal

And you don’t need to go about it with much great zeal

There is still plenty of time to apply some autumn feed to the grass

It’s not really that good an idea to give this a pass

Now in the garden, there is still plenty to do

And as mentioned before, you could plan to enhance the view

You could cut back some bushes that have grown quite high

Instead of looking at them and giving a heavy sigh!

You could trim that Holly and the Ivy too

There is always plenty for you to do

If you have homemade compost, you could spread this around

The results of which would help your plants to abound

Bulbs I have mentioned several times before can add colour to gardens

And there is still time to plant them before the ground hardens

To finish off, remember, Christmas is coming, and grass cutting will be in the past

It might just be the time to put your feet up at last

No!.. The Holly and the Ivy are now both fully grown

It’s time to make a wreath of your very own

Using lengths of Willow or Dogwood, a ring you can make

By weaving them into a circle, no time it will take

Once made, you can add Holly, Ivy and other greenery

When complete, it will add to the festive scenery

Once all these chores have become complete

Then, you can sit down and have a well-earned festive treat

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New year!


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