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Garden Hints and Tips from Ewen Posted

Listen in for more garden hints and time from Ewen!   …  Read more

Hydrangea's how to ... Posted

Here Ewen gives some good tips on how to look after your Hydrangea's       …  Read more

A is for Autumn Posted

Autumn.pngA is for Autumn which we are now going through Whilst in the garden there is still plenty to do The lawn needs looking after from now until the spring And for all types of treatment, we’ll have just the thing The herbaceous beds are now needing to b…  Read more

Columbine Clip Posted

Ewen is speaking about the Columbine plant  Columbine is also known as Aquilegia and Granny's Bonnet it is a perennial plant often found in meadows, woodlands and here in the Tidy Garden.    …  Read more

Plant bulbs now Posted

190109-Bulbs.jpgGarden Services plant bulbs in your garden now if you want colour in the Spring Here at Tidy Gardens, we love this time of year! When we help our customers get their bulbs planted ready for spring so they get a garden full of wonderful colours.  It's…  Read more