A is for Autumn

A is for Autumn which we are now going through

Whilst in the garden there is still plenty to do

The lawn needs looking after from now until the spring

And for all types of treatment, we’ll have just the thing

The herbaceous beds are now needing to be cut back

And there’s also work in the borders to get rid of any rack

Leaves need collecting and if you like, stored away,

To help make a compost for use on a spring day

Gardens are easy when looked after well

When you’ve got Tidy Gardens in you can always tell

Bulbs a plenty we can plant right now

The results of our work will create quite a Wow!

For colour during the winter there are Pansies, Violas, Bellis and more

Plant them in pots and keep them at the door

Shrubs and hedges, heathers and trees,

They are all there to encourage the bees

But these need to be cared for, just like the rest

So if you want it done properly, then you know who’s the best.

Just call Tidy Gardens and they’ll do it right

Without giving your wallet too much of a fright

So for a garden that is Tidy and free of weeds

Just call Tidy Gardens, All your garden needs

by Ewen Allan