May – Enjoy the anagrams

It is a lovely late spring day, and I am just taking some time to wander around the garden, see what is happening and identify some things that need to be done.

OMG, as they say nowadays, I have just spotted a { LOADED INN) in the lawn this will need to be dealt with soon. I will use a [LEEK WILL WANDER]4,4,6 to remove it. Another effective way to deal with this problem is to place a teaspoon of Table Salt on the crown. 

As I pass one of the borders, I see that the [IS INNES PER BELL] 6,8 is doing well and indeed is quite colourful at the front of the border. Further, into the border, I notice that the [HIND IE PLUMS] are coming away quickly, so the task that needs to be attended to here is to get some supportive canes in place so that they stand up against any winds. This year, there has been an excellent show of some solid colours of [HOLY U PANTS] with yellows, reds, dark blue and orange, which are just beginning to go past, so I will need to go round the garden and cut them back. I will not need to worry about the [PAULS RIM] as they are much shorter.

The [I SAY FORTH] is just about finished flowering, and now is the time to prune back some of the spindly growth. And will encourage new shoots on which next year's flowers will flourish.

We have had a fantastic display of [FOLD IF SAD] this year, and they need to be 'dead headed', if possible, and the leaves tidied up. These can be lifted if the space is required. It is best to lift and dig in somewhere to let them die back, and they can be lifted and dried off later for replanting in the Autumn. One of my favourite plants is just about ready to flower. The [TEA URN CANT MOAN] 7,7 comes in white, blue and mauve. Once the first flourish of flowers has passed, you can cut them back and get a second flush of flowers. They may require a bit of staking to keep them off the ground.

[ICE BRIARS IS I]4,8 is coming away nicely and will benefit from some support, especially when the flowers open. Unfortunately, they are a bit short-lived. The next plant I see is in one of the planters. We just came across this one a couple of years ago, and indeed it is a joy. The [VAIN ALLI SPRUCE]8,7 is a bulb and will flower in June and July in a rich dark blue the flowers are on strong stems, which will reach about 10" tall. It has proven to be quite a popular addition to the garden, both here and with friends.

The next plant I see doesn't need a lot of attention. The [CAMEO LES HEN] is relatively compact and classed as a 'leaner' instead of a climber and needs trimmed occasionally. The flowers are lovely just now, but no scent. Further along, is a [COME SHELL AIR} and this is filling out nicely, and the flower stems are beginning to shoot up. Pity, it won't flower for very long, but it looks after itself pretty well.

May will be a busy time, and if you go around the garden, it's easy to spot the things that need attention. But of course, the grass needs mowing, and there is always plenty of weeding to do too.

But we also need to be looking ahead and planning for later in the year. If you want colour and interest, then what better than planting some [AS LADEN WAISTED SHAPE] 5,4,37

Enjoy your garden and hopefully enjoy the tasks above.  


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