June, now is the time

June, now is the time

June - Now’s the Time

Now is the time to start bringing your garden to life. Almost all of us have a garden, they come in all shapes and sizes, formal, informal, courtyard and walled. It’s you who can make the garden, your garden!

How do you want your garden to look and how do you want to use your garden.

Some people just want the garden to look tidy and aren’t that bothered about it, whereas, the vast majority of us, want to enjoy the garden in either its use or how it looks. Many want to be able to spend time relaxing in the garden and to enjoy the array of colours and scents that can be introduced to help create that idle.

Plants, trees and shrubs, like your garden, also come in all shapes and sizes. You have to be careful to plant things that will suit your garden and the space allowed. All too often, we come across something that was planted and has outgrown the space, creating too much shade, which has resulted in plants underneath either not doing well or dying off.

Going back to the enjoyment of the garden and enjoying a coffee, lunch or tea break, or indeed a relaxing glass of wine or that end of day G&T. Where do we sit? You don’t have to have a solid surface to place a chair or bench, they can be easily placed on gravel or the lawn.

99% of gardens get the sun, follow the sun and work out where it is first thing (Breakfast Cuppa), Mid-morning, (Coffee break), Mid-day, (Lunchtime) 4 o’clock (Afternoon Tea) and early evening, for that glass of wine or dinner. Once you have located these positions, look to making some slight changes to the garden layout to accommodate these sites and place a seat or some sort of bench there to help enjoy the sun and more important to enjoy the different aspects of the garden.

To help enhance how the garden looks, choose flowers or shrubs that suit the area where they are to be planted. If you are going to a Garden Centre or Supermarket remember they predominately only ever stock what is in flower at that given time, ie. they will not have something that flowers in September on sale in May, and those that they do have for sale, are usually forced on and in flower earlier than they would normally be.

Many people creating a garden will go to a garden centre and buy a whole selection of plants and shrubs etc., go back home, plant them in and have a really nice display. Unfortunately, for the next 11 months, they have very little colour or interest in the garden. What you should do is, do a basic planting and then go every month to the Garden Centre and buy 2 or 3 plants you like. This approach will mean that the following year you will start to have things coming into flower throughout the year. For short term colour, summer bedding plants will achieve this goal and now is the time to get them in.

Anyway, now that we are entering into ‘ Summer’,  I hope you find some nice spots in the garden to sit and enjoy the lovely sunny days and the balmy evenings that will surely be coming our way.

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